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If you're interested in SEO, we'd love to talk! Give us a call. Have a conversation, and we'll give you a free copy of our book. No obligation or hard sell.

About Michigan SEO Group


Michigan SEO Group grew out of a partnership between Don Prior and Nick Suino. The two guys combined their resources and created SEO Ann Arbor, which helps many businesses get the word out about what they do best.

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If your site isn't on page 1 of Google, then call Michigan SEO Group today! Your initial website evaluation is free!

Website Hosting


Website Hosting is service that stores your website and makes it accessible to others via the internet. Do you trust the people who manage your digital presence? Because that really matters.

Website Hosting in Michigan


Where you host your website matters. We are proud to offer Business Class Website Hosting, and control servers in multiple data centers -- all with redundant backups.

Search Engine Optimization


We'd like to share advice and techniques that will help your webiste rank higher in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).

How to Build A URL


A well-built url is a vital factor for SEO. What to learn the best way to make one? Read this!

AMP: A Powerful New Tool for Search Engine Optimization


We'll tell you what AMP is, what you need to know about it, and what it means for the future of SERPs.

Website Design For Michigan Businesses


Your Website is a Digital Representation of Who You Are. Is your website sending the right message? Because if it isn't, you're either losing customers or attracting the wrong crowd.

Michigan Website Design


Website Design is the amalgamation of three distinct arts: Graphic Design, Software and SEO. Need a website? Our team of professionals have just what you need.